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Rules and info


Cannabis Infused Jiu Jitsu Tournament/Invitational

  • Must be 21 or older!

  • Spectators are allowed (You do not have to train to attend). Each Spectator ticket is $40 at the door.

  • Every competitor that signs up to our tournament will receive a personal Rolling Stonerz "Thank You" bag for their participation in our tournament .


  • Match time: 8 Minutes long Gi/No-Gi

  • Gi matches are IBJJF ruleset

  • No-Gi matches are Submission only!

  • (If a match goes into over time for No-Gi matches we will use the Eddie Bravo ruleset)

  • THIS EVENT IS DONATION BASED (And every donation is collected at the door!)

General Rules (special events look at rules above):

  • This is a No-Gi event (unless a Gi Super fight)

  • Shorts/spandex pants and rash guard are required. Gi pants are optional

  • Tournament matches are 7 minutes

  • If no sub is acquired in the 7 minute exchange, we move into OT with EBI rules applied.  See "EBI rules" description on Google for more. 

  • All submissions legal

  • No scissor takedowns, No eye pokes, no slams out of sub-attempts, no foul play of any kind


Superfight Competitors

  • All No-Gi super fights' rules will be identical to tournament rules with the exception of the match time length.  No-Gi super fights are 10 minute matches.

  • All Gi Super fights will be IBJJF Black Belt rule-based

  • Gi super fight competitors  be given a max of two penalties per match.  If a competitor falls victim to these two penalties, they will be disqualified.  



  • 1st place winner of each division will receive a "HIGH" prize.

Weigh Ins:

  • ​​Weight is due the day of the tournament.

Weight Classes:

  • Divisional Weight classes Applied to both men and women if applicable.

  • Divison Class 1 | 125 lb and under 

  • Divison Class 2 | 125-145 lb and under 

  • Divison Class 3 | 146-165 lb and under 

  • Divison Class 4 | 166-185 lb and under 

  • Divison Class 5 | 186-205 lb and under 

  • Divison Class 6 | 210 lb and up

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I hope 2022 is everyone’s year! Wishing that this year brings anyone reading this wealth and prosperity 


At this time I want to introduce you guys to a project I’ve been working on since the beginning of 2017.   

Get ready for the beginning of new era of Jiu Jitsu. The East Coast, and Connecticut’s very own, first….


Cannabis Infused Jiu Jitsu Tournament/Invitational 


Rolling Stonerz 


…..that’s right! Something different, something unusual, something that every grappler should be trying at least once throughout their fight career.  Rolling while stoned 


In 2012, #connecticut became the 17th state to allow medical use of marijuana 

In 2015, the state of CT decriminalizes possession of recreational marijuana

And finally……….

On July 1 2021, the state of CT legalized possession of cannabis for anyone 21 or older.


This was fantastic news and we plan to create not only a successful promotion , but also a temple ️ for rejects within our community.  

For decades, weed was frowned upon. Peoples’ lives were turned upside down because of the cruel and horrible reputation it received. 

I can go on and on about why but let’s get to it

Following all Connecticut state laws and guidelines, this will be an official grappling promotion. It’s time we stonerz and rejectz have our own scene where we can truly feel at home

March 26th will be the start of every stoner and grapplers’ dream as we combine the very two with this promotion.

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